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Dekivered from seller

Delivered from seller










Delivered from seller

Delivered from the seller on on 5/28/03

(the tires hold air! weeeeee)

Yes it is a Bel Air, for some unknown reason someone half way filled the louver impressions on the front fenders with putty and put silver V's on it. Alot of damage was covered with primer and I was too ignorant to see it.  Note the very cool Pontiac? parking lights installed in the grill area.



Interior as delivered

Interior as delivered


The cluster is there, no steering wheel.  All the dash trim is gone and someone has butchered the dash next to the radio.  All the trim is rusted and pitted.  Am I out of my mind!  Well at least it has the aftermarket gauges under the dash and wood grain contact paper where the Bel Air dash trim should be.



Holes in the floor




No seats, no interior, no carpet...no floor!

Well at least the window flippers work!








Engine compartment




Something is missing under the hood also.


Looks like a questionable  parts car to me.







Front sheetmetal removal

Front sheetmetal removal










I'm stubborn, I'm going to make this work.  I began by taking the front clip off. Most parts in very good useable condition. (I keep telling myself that!)

My back hurts!


Front sheetmetal removal

The poor old girl, this looks pitiful.



Gutting the interior





I gutted some of the interior also.








Cutting the floor pan out





I've begun cutting out the rotted floor to try and find real metal.




Cutting the floor pan out




I used a combination of an electric cutoff wheel and a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade to remove the floor pan.

I'm working in my apartments garage until I can get into a real shop to do this, I don't have access to air tools yet.






Door adjusted

Door adjusted


I was advised (very wisely) by the experts at ChevyTalk.com to adjust the body and doors to fit properly prior to cutting any rockers or supporting metal from the car. Very Very good advice!!!!!

I finally got the doors adjusted and closing well, I had to tweak the body by jacking the passenger rear corner a couple inches.





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