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 Saturday 10/2/04 - Sunday 10/3/04

 8.0 hours



I rolled the old girl out to get some sun this weekend.

The idea was to sandblast all the welded areas and outer rocker to prepare her rear for a coat of epoxy primer.



Below is where I sandblasted the passenger upper rear quarter  area. Any slag, rust or impurities are removed from the welded area in doing this.  Just nice clean bare metal.




I also sandblasted the passenger door jamb and outer rocker.

In doing this I removed all the old paint on the original metal and completely cleaned and prepared the new metal with a nice satin finish for the primer.

Have I mentioned I HATE sandblasting!?








Once that was accomplished I cleaned about 10 pounds of grease from the rear quarter then used a DA sander to roughen and clean the new metal.









You can plainly see the sanding marks on the rear quarter.

This gives the primer something to "bite" to and also cleans the metal of any surface rust and contaminants.







The metal was cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease or fingerprints three times prior to masking it off.

I went back and wiped it all down one more time before spraying any primer.

I was really concerned about preparing the metal properly.







Too late now!

Here is the first coat of PPG epoxy primer.

I've never been happier, this is the first outer panel to receive any color.








A great picture of the passenger door jamb I worked so hard on a couple weeks ago.

Damn it looks great!

I'll never be able to convince people who know me I did this myself. I'm not sure I believe it myself!





Below are pictures after 2+ coats of primer and removing the masking.



It all looks terrific.

Maybe it's just the paint fumes talking!


It's now sealed from the elements until I finish the rest of the body metal work and can begin the tedious job of bodywork.

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next week.




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