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I haven't gotten much done in the last couple weeks, life has been hectic.


I got busy here and started trying to figure out where to use new sheet metal and what to try and save.


The door jamb area on the Danchuk rear quarter has some very soft rounded contours, the original is very sharp.  So I am trying to save as much of the original as possible.





This is how it fits together at the lower rear of the front door.


I had to notch  the corners on the new outer rocker to get the quarter to fit correctly.  The rockers have nice sharp bends like the original and as I said above the new patch for the rear quarter has very soft rounded contours.


Kinda makes it miserable!



I was originally going to cut the rear quarter under the trim to help hide the seam.


I decided not to after comparing the patch panel contour to the original contour, it's not the same.


I cut the lower rear quarter here an inch or so above the rusted out area, all good solid metal above it.




This is the inside of the drivers rear, as can be seen much more rust to deal with!


I need to get that B pillar support out so I can repair/replace it and fix any damage hiding behind it.


It looks easy to do.  15-20 minutes, no problem!





Here were are!  It's out!


2 and 1/2 hours later!  Trying to find all the spot welds and trying not to damage the B pillar on removal was quite a job.


Now I've got to see if anyone makes this or if I'll have to try to resurrect this one.






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