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Saturday 12/13/03

 4.5 hours




I just couldn't stand around and do nothing while waiting on the frame anymore. So I went to the shop and tried to do a couple things in the trunk area.


I have ordered the trunk pan, rear support and inner wheel wells from Ralph.  They should be here any day now.


Here is what I'm starting with, WARNING these pics are not for the squeamish!








This is the drivers side of the trunk, serious rust along the inner wheel well and the trunk floor itself is rusted completely through.  The white stuff is sand from when I sandblasted the interior.







And the passenger side, it looks about the same.  Surprisingly the spare tire well is as solid as a rock!  This area generally is the first to go as far as I've been told. 

Once again I ask myself "what have I gotten into here?"



This is a shot from under the car looking to the rear.




Okay!  Well I'm here to do something today so lets go...


I decided to remove the tailpan against my own rule of never removing any metal without having the new one in my hand.



As with most tri-fives the tailpan is badly rotted away. The picture on the right is where the trunk striker is located.




I sanded the paint off of where the tailpan joins the dogleg on the lower drivers corner of the trunk opening.



Lead was used by the manufacturer to fill and smooth the gaps on these classics. Men did this by hand on thousands of cars very quickly, amazing!

I used a little heat to melt the lead from the joint. 



With the lead removed the spot welds are clearly visible as well as the seam.  I was a bit surprised to find rust under the lead on both sides.



The same area on the passenger side.  This area is bent up a bit and the lead filler came out in one piece without heat (the arrow shows the chunk of lead)



I drilled out the spot welds using the spot-weld tool on both sides.  There are also a couple of small areas that are either welded or brazed.  While grinding them it looked gold.  There was once again hidden rust under the overlap due to the rear of this piece being wide open.



The old part to add to my collection of rusted 1957 metal and the rear of the car with the piece removed.


Hopefully I'll be able to document installing the new parts SOOON!!



Saturday 12/21/03

 2.0 hours


I received my trunk sheet metal this week.





This is the old and new tail pan, once again I'm impressed with the quality of these parts.










 Here is the trunk floor and rear brace.


My old parts are so rusted away I needed to ask for help to orientate the support properly on the trunk floor.






 The inner wheel wells.


Thankfully they came pre-rusted so I won't have to worry about that later.








I sandblasted the lower part of the trunk hinge support to see where the spot welds were more clearly.










 Same thing on the passenger side.







 I can't get a hold of the guy who is supposed to be getting my frame straight.  He doesn't answer his phone and it's starting to irritate me.


I've got a little time off over Christmas and I'd like to get this metal cut out and the new fitted.





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