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 Saturday 3/05/05- Sunday 3/06/05




 9.5 hours



Well, here's where I left off on the last update.

I've positioned the new patch panel in place as best as possible.  I opened and closed the door a hundred times to verify a proper fit in the jamb area. I moved the panel up and down in the rear to verify proper alignment with the rear wheel well opening and to make sure it was true and straight with the rocker panel.




Once I was satisfied it was all in place as good as it was going to get, I tacked the door jamb area in several places.  This area has to stay in place, regardless of what I move around on the rest of the panel.





Now it's time to cut!

I'll use my cutoff wheel to cut through both the new and old panel at the same time.


This, in theory, should leave a perfect match of cuts and the proper gap for butt welding it back together.







Here is the rear section after cutting.  I stopped short of the wheel opening.

The gap is not nearly as wide as this picture makes it look.


I'll go back and cut this after the rest is welded up.  The wheel opening is incorrect on the new panel and I'll have to work it a bit to fit.  I'd prefer to do this after the panel is firmly welded in.





The same area after tacking it in place several inches apart from each other.  Once gain this is done to minimize heat buildup in any one area that would cause warpage.





Here the entire top of the panel has been tacked in place.


Looks like hell!







After a very long time of filling in the gaps slowly, the entire seam is welded.




I've knocked off the high spots with a grinder.  I then put a light behind the panel and went back with the welder and filled any pin holes that were left.




Again with the grinder I cleaned it all up.

I guarantee I got my Recommended Daily Allowance of iron!  There are metal filings everywhere.



Not bad for a bonehead, It'll look a lot better after the finish body work and paint.  (I hope)




The last hour or so I finished welding up the gap in the B pillar door jamb.  This still needs to be dressed with the grinder.




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