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  Sunday 6/05/05 - Sunday 7/13/05  





18.0 hours



I spent an unbelievable amount of times sandblasting the trunk area. What a miserable time consuming job.  I was really anxious to get this part of the Belle in primer.

Below is the driver and passenger side trunk side walls.  It really looks great blasted to bare metal.

Once I epoxy prime these areas I can reinstall the trunk hinges and move ahead!




A whole lot of sand!  Even more had to be cleaned out of my ears...,



 pockets, hair, socks..........



The most difficult part was laying on my back blasting the underside of the package shelf.

I couldn't get everything, I tried but the area between the rear package shelf and the support is enclosed and I am not taking it apart!  the red arrow indicates where the surface rust still exists.

I'll use a rust stopping agent in this area, I can't leave it the way it is.



I'm so excited to get it in primer! That would be a major move forward....WAHOOO!


Well the old gal had another idea, as usual she demonstrated she's in charge and I haven't done right by her.

After placing a light under the drivers rear quarter there were a thousand points of light showing through where I patched the lower trunk wall.

I guess the primer will have to wait.  I'm ashamed of the quality of these welds.  I could just primer and fill them with putty....(and I did seriously consider this) but it just bothered me too much.  I've gotta repair this area properly.



I spent several hours with my head squeezed between the quarter panel and the inner trunk wall to weld up the areas that were not complete. I did as much as I could from the inside to make it easier to clean up the weld in the trunk area.

I've  got to wonder what's wrong with me....the trunk walls will be completely covered with upholstery and will not be seen, but I still need to make it right.

I'm so tired of welding and grinding...it's no fun anymore.  When will I make some progress?







         And then I look at these before and after pics.  I guess I really am making progress.  It's just hard to see.

I want to see some color and feel like the old girl is moving ahead,


She'll get there but damn it's getting to be a chore.




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