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A major milestone today.  I finally feel as though I restoring and not destroying this car.





The floor pans are in!  Yahooo!


They will not be coming out again, not in my lifetime anyway!


 I have wrestled with them for the last time.





Oh man this looks good!


Everything is still just screwed together until it all fits well enough to permanently weld in place.


I sat on it (and jumped a bit) just to make sure it would really hold my weight.






It wasn't all peaches and cream, the fellow Chevy enthusiast that was working the spot welder on the day the Belle was born took his job very seriously.


He way overdid the welds on the passenger side A pillar support.


What seemed like drilling a million spot welds later it finally came loose.





This is the old and new piece.  Hmmmm.


They don't look anything like each other. The aftermarket part is nothing like the original.


I was warned of this and had planned on making the needed modifications.  It will work, just the original body location and new piece will have to be "massaged" a bit.






OK, off to another problem.  The front cowl had shifted due to no reinforcement from the floor pans (all rusted out).


I used a tie strap to pull the cowl into place.


I needed the lower cowl to move towards the rear.








I hooked one end of the strap here, it's tough to see so I placed a red arrow pointing to it.











And the other end here, on the rear dog leg.










As I cranked on the strap the door and rear quarter came closer and closer until it was perfect!


That's a respectable door gap.  Prior to this it was a good one inch gap.


I smiled.





I couldn't resist a before and after photo. 

Oh the old girl has come a long way! 

She is looking good!





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