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 Saturday 12/18/04 - Sunday 1/09/05


 12.0 hours



I hope you're still interested! 

I broke away from the constraints of daily life to spend a few well deserved time with the old girl.

I've missed the Belle and am very happy to get back to work on her.


I needed to finish sand blasting the trunk area prior to re-welding the trunk hinges back in place.  In order to get the area blasted I needed to jack each side of the old girl up really high.  This allowed me to sand blast the area above the rear inner wheel well.






This is the area on the passenger side  I'm referring to.

It's a miserable job to sand blast and dress the welds in this tight area.

I'll be so happy when this is done!!

Now I know why I stayed away so long!





After being completely fed up with the rear wheel well area I moved forward and removed the rear seat support panel.  The green arrow points out the many, many spot welds holding this part in.  If I were to do it all over I would have removed this prior to the floor pan replacement and used the entire floor pan panel.


The panel removed and ready for a good sand blasting and primer.




 Saturday 1/8/05 - Sunday 1/09/05






 4.0 hours



My attention turned to the drivers side rear quarter panel and rocker panel.

I had purchased a patch panel some time ago for the drivers side.  This panel is less than perfect and will need alot of massaging to fit properly.  There is a much better panel available now.

I'm going to try and salvage what I have.  If it won't work I'll order the new patch.





The first priority is cleaning the 2 tons of grease off the panel.


Pictured here is the backside after cleaning the packing grease in preparation for a primer coat.








The same panel after roughing it up with my DA (Dual Action sander).

 This will allow the epoxy primer to bite or get a good grip on the metal.

I'm so happy to be out of the trunk!








I laid out several parts that needed to be primered.


Included were the driver patch panel, the trunk hinges, driver B pillar patch and the rear wheel house splash pans.









The same parts after a couple coats of epoxy primer.


It's amazing how a coat of primer makes old parts look like new!









I also sand blasted the drivers side inner rear quarter and protected it with epoxy primer. 

Above is the before and after pics of this area.


Next is the alignment and final welding of the drivers side rocker panel and rear quarter panel patch panel.


I'm not real comfortable with these repairs......please check back and see how it goes.



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