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Saturday 12/27/03

 4.5 hours




I still haven't heard from the frame guy and he won't return my phone messages.  My new shop is still not ready either. So much for a plan!

I decided to try and get something done anyway.


I had planned on sandblasting the rest of the car OUTSIDE on the rotisserie  after the body was all set up properly.


Well I guess I need to be flexible and do what I can now. My target is getting the firewall sandblasted.





I made a tent out of plastic, duct tape, 2x2's and a broom to try to control the fallout from the sandblaster









Maybe I'll leave it like this...it covers up a lot of the rust!


I'm about to find out if I'm claustrophobic.







Here's a view from the inside.


I donned a plastic bag over my head, a baseball cap backwards, safety goggles, one of those white paper respirators and a full face shield to protect me from the ricochets.






As I found out earlier this year sandblasting SUCKS!  The results however are terrific.

It's great to see the firewall down to bare metal.

There are several areas I will still need to do on the rotisserie.





I thought I'd personalize the old girl beings I had the sandblaster and duct tape handy.






This is what you get when you have no artistic talent and tools!


Just to make it clear, I taped off the area and cut my name out and then sandblasted the glass.


The windshield is being replaced anyway.


It turned out really impressive.  It 's giving me some ideas for the finished product.



Wednesday-Thursday 12/31/03 -01/01/04

 8 hours



I got a call from my landlord Wednesday morning.  He told me he had finished my larger shop and the shop I am in now is rented out and the new tenants want to move in on the first.  WHAT!!?? That's the next day!

I'm not happy.

I spent New Years Eve moving all the parts I could lift and move by myself, a great way to spend the holiday.  I was kinda mad and forgot to bring the camera along.


The only things left were the body and air compressor to move.  How in the world am I going to move the body, it has no frame!




This is what I came up with.  I used a engine hoist and put a heavy duty strap through the window opening around the roof.  It was quite tipsy and we had to adjust the strap several times to try and get it balanced.

Once again two good friends Jerry and Don gave up their night off to come help.  No way I could have done this myself.



With Jerry riding on the hoist we drug the whole shooting match. with my truck, through an inch of crusty snow 25 yards or so to the new shop.  The body was swinging and swaying on the hoist.

We were patting ourselves heavily on our backs for getting it to the new shop without dumping it, when I decided it had to be moved just a little bit more to one side of the shop.

That's when we discovered my landlord had gotten a little cheap on the floor drain grill.....it's plastic!  One wheel of the hoist went through and the whole mess came down to the ground in a hurry.  We counted our toes and they were all there.



There really wasn't any damage to the car either.  The inner rocker on the drivers side got bent a bit but nothing to worry about.



We jacked her up, repositioned the hoist and put the lady back up on the jack stands.

Jerry and Don helped with the air compressor and swept out the old shop.  Thanks guys!


I also finally got in touch with "the frame guy".  He says he'll call on Monday with an update.....we'll see.




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