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Most of my time this weekend was spent on this little piece of rusted metal. 


This is the drivers side "A" pillar brace, there was nothing left to go by so I had to look through old photos and books to see what it once was.







I really didn't know what was supposed to be here!


The passenger side is just as badly rusted so it was no help.






This is what I came up with.....


The top is the original and the bottom portion is new metal.


Not the prettiest but it seems to replicate the original part.






This is the part installed with some self tapping screws, I haven't welded it back in yet.


I put the drivers door back on and am ready to check alignment of the rockers .


It's too hot and late, I'm going for a beer.









This is how things started this weekend. After laying all the sheet metal in place I had about  1 inch gap between the lip on the floor pan and the matching lip on the outer rocker panel.








I Pushed, pulled, shimmed, bent, straightened, jacked, wiggled, took off, put on....etc.


I finally got it all to line up pretty well, then I screwed it all together really quick before it changed it's mind!








I Used a big tie strap and put it over the ceiling joist to support and lift the body slightly in the center to get things lined up properly.


I hope my landlord doesn't see this!









This is the underside of the drivers side.

The photo on the left is the inner rocker looking towards the front of the car.

The photo on the right is looking to the rear.


I needed to use a floor jack to force the new outer rocker into the proper position so the lower lips of the inner and outer would meet properly and have the correct position of the outer rocker.





This is the front of the drivers outer rocker, inner rocker and the piece I had to make.

I still need to install the cap and front fender support thingy.

I should have made that piece a 1/4" longer so that it would sandwich between the bottom of the inner and outer rocker.  I'm going to leave it as is.

Shhhh.... don't tell anyone!





This is what I ended up with, I'm really pleased.


The very center of the outer rocker is bowed in slightly, I'm going to have  to gently work it out to be true to the door line.

This isn't the best picture, I'll try and get a better one and post it.





Bad news, I found out my apartment garage wiring won't handle the mig welder, too much "line loss".

I'm not sure what to do now, I may have to get a gas operated generator or try and transport the car to somewhere else.  It's always something!!



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