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 Saturday 1/23/05




 4.0 hours



Next on the agenda is the drivers side rocker panel and patching in a panel for the rear quarter.



Driver rocker gap

Driver door gap



I adjusted the door for the billionth time.  This is critical to to maintaining the alignment of the door, rocker and rear quarter.

Drivers door adjust


Drivers lower B pillar

     Drivers B pillar cut

The lower part of the B pillar, the lower door jamb area is in about the same rusted out condition as the passenger side. (and the rest of the car)

I used my spot weld cutter to release the lower portion from the drivers B pillar support.



New B pillar




This is the new lower B pillar set in place for comparison.


Looks good!  Now I just have to figure out the best place to cut it.....





Old and new B pillar




If I cut too much it leaves a big gap to be filled in, so I marked it a good quarter of an inch higher than I think I need in order to trim it back to perfection.






New lower B pillar in place




Turns out I was lucky I gave the extra room.


The part fit nearly perfect with my "eyeball" extra thick cut.





Weld B pillar

Weld B pillar 2

As before I tack welded the parts together, spacing them and returning to fill in the gaps.



B pillar welded




B pillar welds cleaned

B pillar welds cleaned 2


These pics show the same area after roughly dressing the welds with a die grinder.


A little bit further, I hope to be able to accomplish more on the Belle soon.




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