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Saturday-Sunday 1/10/04 - 1/11/04

 8.0 hours



I didn't hear from the "frame guy" until Wednesday, he had it finished by Friday.


I went and picked it up Friday afternoon.  It looks straight.  It doesn't rock on the floor like a rocking chair anymore.



I put all the body mounts in the correct holes.  I was going to use small pieces of wood in place of the mounts temporarily to make everything solid while I did the body work.

I changed my mind and chose to use the rubber body mounts for now.



The frame was slid under the body and I used a floor jack to raise it up to the body in the front.

Then I loosely installed the front mount bolts and rubber biscuits.


I moved the jack to the rear and did the same thing.

All the holes lined up!  This doesn't seem right!  How could that happen.  I double checked...Yup they all line up.

Must be dumb luck, it's certainly not clean living!


I tightened all the body mounts and adjusted the floorpan supports where needed.  Everything was then screwed together real tightly.



I turned my attention the  trunk area.

I wanted to get the trunk lid properly adjusted before I cut any more metal out.

No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it adjusted, either the gaps at the top were too wide or at the bottom.

I think the lid is bent.  I measured it every way to Sunday and it seems ok. Very frustrating!



Then I started looking real hard at the trunk lid.  I removed the old weather-strip and realized that this lid needs to be replaced regardless of whether it's straight or not.


Now I've gotta try and find a trunk lid.  I hope I can find one locally so I don't have to pay outrageous shipping costs and I can examine it personally before I put down my hard earned cash.

Anyone wanna donate one for the cause?  Just kidding.


In the meantime I intend on putting the doors back on, adjust and shim where needed and then start the patch work on the drivers side rear quarter.


See ya next weekend.




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