1969 Olds Cutlass Convertible Restoration
Updated 11/9/2016 

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My next project! 

She is a beautiful 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible.  She sports an Olds Rocket 350 V8, automatic.

There is substantial rust in the rear quarters, it will need the interior freshened up, a new top and of course body work and paint.

I can't wait to drive this beauty, I can already envision cruising down by the lake.

October 2014



Time to get to work.

The plan is to get the front end off and remove the engine and transmission.

A lot of frozen rusted bolts up here.  It's a very original car and these bolts haven't been messed with since 1969.

The overall plan is to keep the car very stock with the exception of some safety upgrades such as front disc brakes.


Just like that the front end is gone.  Took a little longer than expected.  The Engine and transmission removal will need to wait till tomorrow.


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