1969 Olds Cutlass Convertible Restoration
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August 21, 2015

 A lot to update on the Cutlass.
She has come a long way since the last page.
69 cutlass floor       

Getting back to the body.

It's clear the drivers side rear quarter is in the same terrible condition as the passenger side was.



After cutting out the rot on the inner wheelhouse I cut and fit a piece from the new part.  It's then welded in and the welds are dressed.  Looks as good as new.




 The outer lip of the wheelhouse was also replaced with new metal.


Just as was done on the other side the new rear quarter was fitted and slowly welded.


Then the welds are dressed.....


...and seam sealer applied to the seams.  Looks easy.


Moving to the front I stripped the firewall, stripped and repaired the cowl area below the windshield.


After a nice coat of primer and paint I've got a new firewall!

I also installed the block off plate and pass through for the Vintage Air heating and air conditioning system.



I spent a lot of time preparing the underside, I scuffed, cleaned and degreased every crevice.



After three coats of black bed liner, Looks great!

I test fitted the new gas tank and straps, it's really coming together!   


I started and ran the engine and did some final detailing while I had access to everything.  Note the new Vintage Air compressor and brackets.


Using some redneck engineering I raised the body well over three feet in the air to clear the height of the motor.


I slowly rolled the chassis under the body.
And I also finally found a use for that stupid recycle bin!


  Finally it's back on the chassis.  It's been quite awhile since they have been together. 


A couple shots of the body after I removed all the bracing and bolted down to the frame.


She has really come a long way!

Lots more to come!

Check back often.

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