1969 Olds Cutlass Convertible Restoration
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August 10th, 2016

Time for an update.
This update is basically about making things shiny.
69 cutlass floor       

After wet sanding the clear coat down to 2000 grit I began to buff it out.  The results are amazing.  All those hours of blocking out the body work really has paid off.

The above pictures show a little before and after.


After going over all but the front fenders and hood.  I will do one more final finish buff before it's all done.  I'm really more than happy how it came out. 



I used a Porter Cable DA buffer with Mcguire's 105 polish on a yellow pad.  The final finish buff will be with Mcguire's 205 with a black pad.

New outer door handles with new paint gaskets. 

After sandblasting and a coat of Argent gray, the new BFGoodrich tires were mounted and balanced. 

New beauty rings and buffed to a mirror finish inserts finish up the wheels.


The new windshield is cleaned and the Butyl strip is placed around the windshield frame.


We carefully placed it into position and checked to make sure it was sealed all the way around.


Next I need to get all the stainless trim back to better than new condition.
I started with the lower windshield trim.  It's in overall decent condition.  There are a couple areas that need repair.
The picture on the right shows a small ding just above and to the left of the screw.


After tapping out the ding from the backside I used a file to level the surface.  Then I sanded the file marks out with progressively finer sandpaper.....


After 2000 grit it looks pretty shiny already!  And no sign of the ding.  A big scratch was repaired in the same manner.


  After some time on the buffing wheel it looks like a mirror.  I installed it back on the car.  It's really nice to see these things going back on.

  Unfortunately there are a few more pieces to do! 


This is the front of the front fender stainless trim.  It is the only piece that really is badly damaged.

       After A LOT of time I was able to convince it to go back into shape.  After a final buff it will be better than new. 

 Another ding in the windshield trim.  Again it was worked out from the rear, filed level and sanded.

  After some time on the buffing wheel it shines like new! 


The A post windshield trim after buffing and a little before and after on the picture to the right.

     It's all done and looks amazing. This represents many many hours of tedious work.  Well worth every minute.

I cleaned prepared and dyed the header above the windshield.  It is also in very good condition, no tears, holes or rips.     

 With new trim clips the windshield trim is installed and looks amazing!  (Other than some hand prints)

  The wiper arms were cleaned and buffed.  New wiper inserts were installed. 

I ran the wipers through all the speeds and checked to make sure they parked correctly. 


After sandblasting the interior upper windshield trim, it was painted and installed with the sun shade mount.

The A pillar trim was cleaned and dyed along with the A pillar stainless and weatherstrip channel was rejoined to the car.   

A simple but important detail.  After dyeing the sunshades I installed a new vanity mirror on the passenger side.   



The visors installed as well as the rear view mirror with the optional map light.

I also charged the air conditioning system.  40 degrees out of the vents on a humid 88 degree day sitting still at just over idle.  Not bad!

Many, many, many other small jobs were also completed but not worth documenting.

Lots more to come!

Check back often.

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