1969 Olds Cutlass Convertible Restoration
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September 9th, 2016

Big update!  She looks like a car again!

69 cutlass floor       

After finishing the buffing I installed the passenger rear and passenger door trim clips.

The newly polished trim was put in place and carefully aligned.  It just looks so great against that new shiny paint.  Well worth all the work.


Same thing on the drivers side along with the original rear view mirror.  It is such remarkably great condition for it's age.

Placing the Cutlass emblem on the deck lid was really a great feeling, I've been waiting a long time for that moment!

The stainless trim around the convertible top opening put up a bit of a fight but looks terrific after it went into place. 



I installed the trunk weatherstrip and restored factory trunk light.


On the left is a before and after of the taillight lenses.  Using soap, water and  muriatic acid and then lightly buffing they come out better than new. 

On the right is the taillight reassembled after repainting the black on the housing and buffing the chrome.  Looks great!


  Installed wired in and working!

Man that's nice to see.

I wonder when the last time they light up like this was. 


I laid out the new bumper and cleaned it up. 

Another little before and after of sandblasting the back up lamp housings and brackets.


  The newly painted back up lamps installed in the new bumper along with the license plate/gas door and a new license plate light. 


Quarter panel lights were installed and everything all lit up!  The pictures really do not do it justice, it looks so amazing in person.


After spending some quality time with the buffer, the front fenders look like mirrors


The jewelry was installed.

The stainless trim, front cornering light, trim at the rear of the fender, front "eyebrow" and the filler that goes behind the headlight.  

  Both fenders ready to go back on this beauty. 

Freshly polished headlamp rings and new headlights put in place in anticipation of the rest of the front end.   


The factory original grills were meticulously cleaned repaired and painted.  These are not available as a reproduction so these had to be repaired.

They actually came out better than new.

  Jumped ahead a bit here. 

The headlight bases and bezels along with the grills have been installed.  Starting to look like something!


The front fenders were reinstalled.  It's coming together quickly now.

A quick shot of the inner fender and how well it looks and fits.    

  The new front bumper was uncrated and I began installing the mounts and installed the running/turn signal lights.  They have been cleaned and painted along with the proper  covers.


Once it finally saw things my way it looks terrific!


The final major body panel.  I wet sanded all the orange peel from the hood, what a mess it makes.


After wet sanding for what seemed forever, I began the buffing process.


The results are stunning, it's hard to believe what this hood looked like when I dragged the old girl home.


The brightly polished trim at the rear of the hood was put on as well as the insulation mat on the underside of the hood.


The restored under hood light along with the windshield washer squirters were put in place.

  Hood hinges in place waiting for a hood! 


I wish I could say it just fell into place, it took a lot of time to get the fit and gaps to be proper.


I seriously wondered many times if I would see this all back together again.  I'm really very proud of how this has turned out.

One final shot with the top up and windows installed and adjusted (what a nightmare that was!).

The interior is next, I'm looking forward to doing something a little different.

Lots more to come!

Check back often.

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