1969 Olds Cutlass Convertible Restoration
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September 14, 2015

A lot to report this time, finally getting some things shiny and put back on the car.


This is a view looking up at the bottom of the dash. 

There have been many holes drilled into it for various accessories, stereo equalizers, 8 track players, CB radios, gauges etc...

I will weld them all up and grind the surface smooth so it will appear they were never there.

I then prepared and painted the lower section semi gloss black.

Looks great!




 On the top of the dash I masked off and sandblasted the VIN plate.  These were just bare metal from the factory, in order to retain the proper look I sprayed it with clear to protect it.



Once the top of the dash was prepared and clean, I masked it and laid down several coats of flat black.


This is the brake pedal and support as it looked when I remove it from the car,


After sandblasting. cleaning and paint it looks like new.

With a new brake pedal pad and brake light switch I reinstalled it under the dash.


The picture on the left shows the original firewall pad and the new one.  On the right is the new pad installed with the proper retainers.


Here is the heart of the Vintage Air heating and air conditioning system. Everything is combined in one compact unit.


And here it is tucked up tightly under the dash.

  The heater and AC lines pass through the firewall on the passenger side.  They will all be attached to their proper places later.


Now I turned my attention to the instrument cluster and dash panel.  A few small repairs were needed on the back of the fuel level gauge.  All the grounds and brackets were cleaned and reinstalled to the dash panel.

Here is the end result.  Looks like it just came out of a box straight from GM.  


The heater/AC controls mimic the original in looks, they are however all electronic with no cables or vacuum.  Two more vents are added to the area just above the radio for the AC.

  The original mono dash speaker is replaced with this stereo speaker for better sound from the front.


After all the wiring is connected and the heater/AC ducts are installed I began reinstalling the dash panel.  This is the most miserable dash I've ever removed or installed.  There is no room for anything and it is held on by nine small studs and nuts that are nearly impossible to access.  I don't want to ever do this again.


  After a lot of work it's back in place.  Once the knobs and other small details are installed it looks terrific.

As you can see I also returned the odometer to all 0's.


It's time to tackle the steering column.


I completely disassembled the column and blasted sanded or wire wheeled all the parts to prepare them for paint.


Everything was painted, lubricated and reassembled.


With a new ignition switch and seal at the firewall I put the column back into the car.



Now that that's out of the way I installed the new brake booster, master cylinder and proportioning valve.  The final brake lines were bent and connected to the proper positions.



The original floor shifter needs some help.


Nothing a little elbow grease and a sandblaster can't take care of!


Back in place on the transmission tunnel and reconnected to the transmission.


This is the inside of the glove box door.  I thought it was cool that there is still a marking on it from the assembly line.


And finishing off the dash, the glove box door is installed and adjusted properly.

I also installed all the hoses and engine electrical.
I ran the motor for the first time.  I ran it for a long time and was pleasantly surprised to have zero issues!  No leaks no problems at all.

Lots more to come!

Check back often.

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