1969 Olds Cutlass Convertible Restoration
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March 11, 2015

Well we've got some problems here.  Both the inner and outer wheel houses are badly eaten away at the edges from rust.
Using a heat gun and a putty knife I removed a bunch of undercoating to evaluate how extensive the cancer was.
69 cutlass floor       


After cutting out the rusted areas patches were cut from the new inner wheelhouse and welded in place.  After some more work with the heat gun and putty knife the outer wheel well was trimmed and the welds were dressed a bit.



After it was all cleaned up a quick coat of primer to protect the bare metal.  


 There was a lot of measuring and trial fittings before weling the outer wheel well patch.

This area of the tub is visible from inside the trunk.  I carefully dressed the weld and use polyester body filler to make the repair invisible.

The structure behind the quarter panel is now fully repaired and structurally sound.   


Quarter panels are only available for hardtop models and not convertibles.  They will need to be slightly modified to fit properly.
Here the panel is just hanging loosely to check for fit.  Looks good!


Using the section I cut from the car as a template I marked out and cut the new quarter to the rough size.


These last four pictures represent dozens of times the panel was put on and taken off, each time slightly trimmed or tweaked to gain a perfect fit.
It's nearly ready for permanent installation.


She's looking good!

Lots more to come!

Check back often.

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