Disassembly Continued

Using the tailgate hinge mounting holes I lifted the rear of the body.

I raised it high enough to clear the front and rear wheels.

I safely lowered it down on supports.

The front was raised clear and the chassis rolled out the rear.

The first time they've been separated in nearly 50 years.



The body was then mounted on the rotisserie and rolled on it's side.

  For the time being it's rolled up against the wall so I can focus on the frame and suspension. 


We'll get the frame completely stripped and sent out for sand blasting. 


Starting at the rear the differential, control arms and shocks are removed.  Several frozen bolts on the lower control arms caused quite a headache. 



Moving to the front, the suspension was stripped from the frame and the rear differential was stripped down. 

The frame and all the individual suspension parts are heading to the sand blaster.

When they get back I'll have nice clean metal to work with! 
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