1970 Triple Black 402 Big Block Monte Carlo
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December 5th 2012
Time for the front fenders! 
As you can see there is a nice dent at the front and some expected rust at the lower rear to be addressed.

Started by removing the trim from the wheel opening and marker light and stainless. 

Kinda rusted on a bit!



Digging in to find out what I have to work with.

Looks like one mans idea of rust repair was a gallon of body putty to cover it up.

  I'm gonna take a little different approach and actually REPAIR it!

Left is the area marked off to leave me only good metal.  Right is the same area cut.



There are four spot welds on the rear edge that my spot weld cutter makes quick work of.

Two more on the bottom....

..and there is all that's left. 


I cut and fabbed a small patch panel, epoxy primed the back side and began the slow process of tacking it along the seams slowly moving around to reduce warpage.

December 7th 2012

After completing all the welds and grinding everything smooth.  It will only require a skim coat of filler to look perfect!


The dent in the front was slowly massaged with a hammer and dolly to get it back to where GM had it in the first place.  This is not it's first repair as evidenced by the putty and holes drilled to pull it back into shape on a previous repair.

December 17th 2012

Been a bit of a delay in updates.  Had a couple other small projects to do.

I attacked the door hinges, the bushings were worn and allowing the doors to sag.  They are BIG doors!  Above is a top door hinge, fairly easy to remove the pin and worn out bushings.


Top left is the upper hinge reassembled and nice and tight. The center and right pictures are a lower hinge.  Not only do I need to replace the hinge pin but also the door check, thats the part that holds the door open.  


Once the spring was removed the hinge pin was removed.  On this side the pin that holds the roller for the door check was badly frozen into the hinge.  I had to cut it in half to remove it.  All put back together on the right! 




Hard to see, but all cleaned, painted and reinstalled.  They work great!  


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