Uncle Jerry's great old cars


This picture was taken on Christmas day 1957.

From left to right is Rose my Grandmother, Pat and Tim my uncles.




The poor old girl was parked in a pole barn 24 years ago.  It was backed in under it's own power.

It's sunk into the ground up to the rockers.  The rockers are rusted out like Swiss cheese. The front fenders are rusted in the normal area at the bottom rear.


Original 283 "Super Turbo Fire" 220 HP, original 4 barrel and dual exhaust.

It came factory with power steering.  The system leaked so bad the reservoir was removed from the rear of the generator. Also note the factory electric wiper motor.



I was shocked to find the trim and chrome parts in unbelievable condition.  With a little bit of rubbing with my finger it shined up nicely.  I found very little pitting anywhere and no cracks.



The tailpan is solid as is most of the trunk.  The paint on the interior of the trunk lid looked new.




The odometer shows 41,805, it's actually 141,805.

I pulled back the carpeting to examine the floor.  I did not find any rusted through areas in the small section I could get to.

The interior is all original and unmolested.



All the trim on the front is in place and in terrific condition.  Amazingly the grill bar is shiny and unbroken.



This is the first vehicle I ever drove.

It's a 1950 Studebaker shortbox pickup.






FIt is also in outstanding condition and was backed into place under it's own power some 20 years ago.

I really want to save this one also. It would make such a great resto-rod with a small block under the hood!




Here is a 1932 Studebaker Dictator, straight 8.

My Grandfather promised me this car over 20 years ago before he died.  All the parts are there for it, fenders, hood, frame etc.


It was a pretty good day!


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