A very proud Marshal Berg






    Another proud officer admiring his new

l957 squad car.









    I don't know where this is or who the officer is.  Please let me know if you have any info.









This is a beautiful picture of a l957 Ohio State Patrol car.


I have no idea what's in the center of the hood between the hood rockets.








Tampa l958, l956 Chevy.








Although two way radios were rare at the time, this officer is ready with his in his 55 sedan.



















A 55 Chevy squad car, probably a Highway patrol beings it's a two door.















MN State trooper 2 door sedans.












l959 Maryland State Police Chevy.







l955 CHP Buick






Lockport, New York





South Beach PD










South Beach PD Drunk Wagon










l932 Plymouth patrol car South Beach PD








l925 Chiefs car South Beach PD










l95O police car









West Lafayette l956 ford?









Ann Arbor PD, Unknown year












l957 Ford Fairlane, Seaside Police dept












l957 Coronet police car













Tampa l959










Cool old PD cars, I would love to find one of these old beauties









76 Precinct car 72O with heavy damage NYPD










l93O's Dodge wagon l363 with front end damage assigned to the "PAL" - the Police Athletic League NYPD










Ford "Woody" station wagon l367 with front end damage NYPD













Another view of l367 NYPD











Central Park Precinct wagon l4O6 with fender damage NYPD










l956 Ford. Police car,  Santa Barbra










Riviera Beach FL










Wales Police Car l92O





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