These are a few photos of the first 57 Chevy I owned.  It was a l957 Bel Air two door sedan with a 35O and a 4 speed.

The year was l976 and I was l3 years old.  I had fallen in love with my Uncles Bel Air and had to have one.  Project X was making news on the pages of Hot Rod magazine and I was bitten by the 57 bug!

This car was responsible for my brother and I both getting "exhibition" tickets and the Fargo Police were very familiar with it.

All of these pictures were taken with my "new" Polaroid One Step camera.



This picture was taken in front of my Mothers house.  The body is sitting on a hay wagon my Uncle supplied.  I don't recall why we had it on the wagon, or even removed from the frame.  Another very interesting thing to take note of is my Uncle Pats 1964 SS Impala sitting in the driveway.



Another picture of the sedan, I don't remember where this was.  God I'd love to have a body that solid again.



I rented a one stall storage unit to "restore" this old gal.  This is a pic of the front sheet metal being taken apart.


I took this picture and sent it to my brother Tom who was in  boot camp.

My writing at the bottom reads:

 "Heres my car In the garage I rented Please save this picture I kind of wiggled the camera Ive got both fenders and everything off"


Here is the 350 that was in the car all tore apart.  I actually got it all back together and it ran great.

I got a girlfriend shortly after and lost interest in taking pictures of the car!


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